Hannah Viano

My home and studio are in the Methow Valley, but right now I am spending a year in the Norwegian arctic as part of an arts residency. 

Home in my heart will always be the rocky islands of the Maine coast. I was raised on and around boats so the smell of old wood and tidewater flats brings me joy wherever I am in the world. 

I love to ramble (be that on skis or bikes or just my feet). To me that is something done at a slow enough pace to give time for observations and sketching stops, but for long enough to feel that good full-body tired at the end of it.

I work primarily in cut-paper, but I like to experiment and practice with watercolor, ink, and printmaking.  I’ve written a couple children’s books you might know, like “S is For Salmon- a Northwest Alphabet”

I hope to inspire a sense of place and an appreciation for the natural world. I see artwork as a "snapshot" that you tuck in your pocket to keep you connected to wild places while you are in your office or on the freeway, or even in another environment across the globe.

I am in awe of the dynamic qualities of the weather, with its moment by moment change on some days and the serene calm of others.

Also, I'm a mom! I think sometimes artists keep that part of their lives out of the story, but for me motherhood was the catalyst for starting my art career and having a growing, changing person beside me on my daily adventures is a constant source of new perspectives and inspiration.

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