Spring 2024 Art Classes


Come join me in person in my BRAND NEW Twisp studio space for an art class this spring! We'll be focusing mostly on drawing, but with a couple key craft projects thrown in.

Take just one class, or register for the whole series!

What to expect: In each session, we'll embark on one approachable, fool-proof project together, working not only to create a satisfying end product, but more importantly on the process and practice of creativity in and of itself.

I'll provide all the materials and supplies for each project, in addition to complete instructions, loads of encouragement, and heaps of kindness.

You'll walk away with a completed project to display, gift, or use, as well as the skills to repeat as needed on your own.

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Class Descriptions:

March 23rd 9am-12pm - Imperfection = Beauty Drawing Class:
While your inner perfectionist is welcome to join you for this class, please note that all perfectionists in attendance will be asked to work on tidying the studio while we make art. ;-) We'll use watercolor and pen to create loose and dreamy patterns, textures and compositions. In this case, process is definitely the focus instead of end product, and as a result you'll leave this class feeling like you sat through an art-based guided meditation.

March 23rd 1-4pm - Messy & Magnificent Musical Drawing Class:
If you like color, music and the idea of making art without worrying about the outcome, this class is for you. We'll use a variety of media to get messy and creative, all set to a custom curated (and widely varying) playlist of music to inspire your process. Think of this class like a silent therapy session, where your team of therapists are music, color, and curiosity.

March 24th 9am-12pm -Paper Clay Craft Project:
We'll use the magic of paper clay to create a charming and playful "mini face vase." Paper clay is an air-dry clay that will remind you of being a kid playing with playdough, only without the salty flavor, and with 100% more style sense than you had when you were six. Your mini face vase will be perfect for a pencil cup, dried flower vase, or dresser top decor.

April 13th 9am-12pm - Walk the Line Landscape Drawing Class:
Learn how to draw beautiful line work mountains. Using the impact of black and white lines on a kraft brown background, we'll break down the process of drawing a mountain landscape, complete with ridges and contours. You'll have plenty of time to sketch, practice, and learn, then apply your newfound skills to a finished mountain landscape drawing.

April 13th 1-4pm - Retro Botanical Drawing Class:
What do you get when you combine groovy plant and flower shapes with solid colors in a limited palette? A retro style botanical print that will be the envy of any interior design snob worth their salt. We'll first lay out a bold composition, then play with color theory to create a stylish addition to any living room wall.

April 14th 9am-12pm - Wildflower Rainbow Prayer Flags:
Not sure what kind of prayer to release into the world? We’ll make a colorful rainbow garland of wildflower illustrations on fabric, which you can then hang indoors or out. I’ll guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to draw familiar wildflowers, then we’ll use paint to add a rainbow of colors, and finish by stringing your illustrations together on a versatile garland to enjoy for seasons to come.

May 18th 9am-12pm - Focus on the Negative Drawing Class:
Whether you're an optimist or a pessimist, shape is queen in this class. We'll start with the striking shapes of houseplants, and use them to create simple yet stunning prints for your wall. This is a low-input, high-reward project almost guaranteed to produce compliment-worthy artwork. 

May 18th 1-4pm - Natural Beauty Blind Contour Drawing Class:
While not necessary, this is a perfect class to take with a loved one! Totally fine to register solo, but even more fun with a buddy, bestie, boyfriend, or older bambino (age 10+). Blind contour drawing is a tried and true art technique that we'll modernize and stylize to make striking drawings with geometric pops of color. Students can choose to create a portrait / self-portrait, a still life of an object from nature, or both.

May 19th 9am-12pm - Mother's Day Abstract Scraper Painting:
The perfect Mother's Day gift! **This class registration is good for one mama + kiddo pair (age 5-10).** We'll use some surprising and non-conventional techniques and materials to create bright, colorful artwork that mom will definitely want to hang on the wall. It's two gifts in one: a shared experience plus handmade art that she'll treasure for years to come!


All classes hosted at Red Umbrella Designs' new TwispWorks location, across the circle from OSB Taproom and just next door to the Valley Goods shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Payments for classes are non-refundable, though they may be transferred to another person should you have to cancel.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  If trip is cancelled due to instructor illness or emergency, full refunds will be issued.

If you are feeling sick or experiencing flu-like (or any illness) symptoms, please stay home. Thank you for keeping our community safe. 

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