Washable Paper Bags


Similar in texture to leather, vegan Papercraft bags are washable, durable and versatile! Made of 90% paper, 10% natural latex.

Stay Wild lunch bags have an insulated interior to keep contents fresh, while a magnetic snap closure keeps contents secure.

  • 7x5.5x10
  • Handwash outer with mild soap, wipe clean inner. Lay flat to dry.

The zippered clutch pouch keeps your everyday essentials at hand. A wristlet makes carrying easy.

  • Fabric wristlet
  • 7.5x1.25x5
  • Handwash with mild soap, lay flat to dry

Danica Studio was founded in 2009 in Vancouver, where city, ocean, mountains, and islands converge. The beauty and energy of that unique combination have brought together designers from all over the world, who collaborate on designs inspired by their shared love of textiles, travel and our beautiful West Coast home.