Manifesto Early Release

Let's all agree to set down our brave public personas for *just* a second, shall we?


Now, I want to check in with you - are you feeling as discouraged as I am by world news (WTF, Russia?!), people's interpersonal skills lately (is it really that hard to just be nice to one another?), and whether our kids are even going to get a chance to protect this planet we've been ravaging for the last few hundred years (cue the record breaking high temps, forest fires, natural disasters)?

If any of that rings true for you, I'm here to share some brand new artwork.


Not that I think a print is going to save the world, but here's what you need to know:
  • You choose a print (two color schemes to choose from, each available in two frame-friendly sizes)
  • Hang said print on your wall (or gift to a friend who might need a little inspiration in their life right now) for as little as $25 plus shipping
  • For every print sold between now and April 30th 2022, I will make a donation to the Templeton Foundation, a global non-profit focused on inspiring awe & wonder by funding work in subjects ranging from black holes and evolution to creativity, forgiveness, and free will.



Some questions you might have:
  • How do I purchase? Click the links below to order online. Easy peasy.
  • I can't read the text. Can I see a preview? Just click either image below and you'll be directed to the full product listing which includes a larger image with the text in its entirety.
  • What kind of paper are the posters printed on? Each print is digitally printed on matte-finish museum-grade paper (175gsm fine art paper)
  • Are the posters printed locally? I've partnered with a US-based print shop with four national locations to ensure the highest print quality and quickest delivery times.
  • Do you offer the prints framed? At this time (due to shipping logistics) I'm offering only unframed prints in frame-ready sizes.

>>>But the real kicker?!<<<


I'm offering you - my most loyal customers and community - first dibs on this new design, and a chance to join me in making a meaningful donation to an inspiring global non-profit. In order to maximize the beauty, hope, and kindness we can generate in the world, please make your purchase before April 30th to add to my donation to the Templeton Foundation.


Manifesto Poster - Morning


Manifesto Poster - Nighttime


Thanks for helping spread and embody beauty, hope, and kindness.