All of these soaps are handmade in small batches and hand cut. Dimensions are approximate. Size: 5 oz bar. Colored with only plant-based ingredients made from nature.

Alpine Start: A blend of exfoliating coffee grounds paired with spearmint, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils. Minty. Invigorating. Fresh. 

Elevate: A smooth bar of soap with an equally zen scent. Patchouli, clove, and balsam bring out the hippie in all of us. Peaceful. Serene. Balancing.

Dawn patrol: Orange, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils are combined with dried lemon peel powder to add a little texture. Uplifting. Motivating. Mood boosting. A citrus soap to match your stoke.

Tea Tree: Paired and organic oatmeal for light exfoliation and ph balance. Simple, straight forward, and excellent for problematic skin types.

Sixty Grit: A woodsy scent packed with all the exfoliation a lumber Jack or Jill can handle. A true staff favorite and most definitely not for the average day hiker.

Peak Season: Spicy and sexy, this soap is comprised of cinnamon, eucalyptus; lemon; orange; lavender; and which all lend to it’s natural anti-fungal properties. This soap gives your immune system the boost and protection it craves.

Idlewild: High in the alpine meadows there is a magical place. You’ll have to sit down and take in the aroma, as you are overcome by a tremendous feeling of wellbeing. Ylang ylang and orange blossom with dried calendula petals.

Hand Soap: Cut the chemicals! This is our all-natural version of orange pumice hand soap. Great for mechanics, gardeners, and all the hardest working hands.

Pet Shampoo: Solid shampoo for pets.

Shampoo: Tea tree, rosemary and lavender. Similar to the liquid shampoo you are accustomed to, but with zero-waste packaging and zero chemicals.