January Art Giveaway

January Art Giveaway

New years' resolutions somehow lull us into thinking that we can magically and instantly turn bad habits into good ones, and with the simple turning of a clock, we assume that overnight we can become better versions of ourselves. Expectations are high, as are the chances to be disappointed in ourselves, which can leave us feeling stuck and disillusioned.

This artwork was created to commemorate an incredibly tender and vulnerable time in someone's life, but we think it relevant now:

It reminds us of new beginnings and of transformation. The beginning of a new year, or a new chapter, or even just a memorable moment, can open up bigger and better versions of ourselves. We believe that even after disappointment and disillusionment, with expectations unmet and desires unattained, we are offered second chances.

So here's to a year, or a month, or a moment that invites you forward into whatever life holds for you.

Download the artwork below and use as your phone's wallpaper or lock screen. Happy new year!