Spreading Light in a Dark Time

Oh boy,

Tell me if this sounds anything like your inner dialogue lately: How long will this last? How will this affect my family? How am I supposed to get anything done while this is going on? Do I have the coronavirus?

But the most powerful question I heard all week...? A friend called and asked, "What are you feeling happy about?" 

It knocked me over. It was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Not because I want to ignore what's happening in the world, or pretend like everything is great, but because I believe in the power of hope and optimism.

Here's why:

Joy, hope, and optimism can help us process hard feelings like fear, despair, and anxiety. A sense of wellbeing - or at a minimum, a sense of resilience - can serve as a safe 'home base' from which we can deal with the bigger, harder emotions. The inverse is not so true.

So let's all commit to staying light, and showing up for one another as the best versions of ourselves.

To that effect, we want to know how we can show up for you. What do you need? What would kindle your light, bolster your strength, help get you through? We've created a super short survey with some of our ideas and plenty of room for yours. It would mean the world to us if you'd chime in.

Survey: How can we help?

Baylie Huyett
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Tips: How to Stay Grounded

Hey y’all -

I don’t know if this will ring true, but do you feel like life is incredibly beautiful but sometimes also really friggin’ hard?

Sometimes we’re on a mountaintop admiring the view, or swept along by the momentum of the waves, or snuggled into a sweet quiet moment and everything’s good.

Yet other times we fumble over our words, we goof up in our relationships, we doubt ourselves constantly, we get our panties in a bunch.

Whether you’re feeling like a hot mess or a hot ticket, may I humbly offer a few tricks that might help make the most of any given moment:

  • Check in with your four bodies. (“Wait, what?! Four?! I thought I just had the one…”) Ask yourself how you’re feeling physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Chances are, whatever’s bugging you - or whatever is worth celebrating - might feel a little different in each of these parts of yourself.
  • Be present. Use five seconds, two feet, one breath to tune in. For five seconds, just notice your feet on the ground and take a slow, conscious breath. Easy anywhere, anytime.
  • Be your own bestie. This one sounds cheesy, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it: talk to yourself the way you would talk to a best friend (á la Brené Brown). Say something kind and loving. Like, really. Pet name and all.
  • You do you. Are you unknowingly internalizing someone else’s problems? Are you piggy-backing on someone else’s joy? When in doubt, as Kacey Musgraves would say in all her country wisdom, “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.”

Big love to you, my sweet friend. Life is oh so big and beautiful.

Seek beauty. Keep hope. Give kindness.



P.s. Have tips that you use to check in with yourself? I’d love to hear what they are!

Baylie Huyett
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Be Kind to Yourself

Hey you,

Just a quick little note to let you know how incredibly beautiful you are. And not just beautiful, but important too. You deserve some big love right now. 'Cause life ain't easy, and you are makin' it happen.

Given how awesome you are, it is critically important that you love yourself well. If you don't, no one else will either.

Remember this:

• Self care is not selfish

• Having needs does not make you needy

• Loving yourself is not being arrogant

Your job as a human on this earth is to be the best version of yourself you can be, and that can only happen when you are so filled with love that it spills out of you and onto everyone around you.

I know how hard this is when someone cuts you off in traffic, or your partner / friend / coworker is being a total bummer. I especially know how hard this is when you are down on yourself.

So let's promise one another that we'll start by loving ourselves well. Let's follow the golden rule... but not the one we know from kindergarten. Let's follow the golden rule if the golden rule were doing a headstand:

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.


Baylie Huyett
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January Art Giveaway

H E L L O   2 0 2 0 

There is something so darn exciting about a New Year. The holiday season wrapping up gives us a chance to settle back into routines and embark on new journeys as the year begins. And the winter weather can't even get us down with each beautiful snowflake making a delightful appearance, reminding us to savor the beautiful moments in life as they come and go. 

We hope that this year brings whatever you may need - experiences, joy, rest, excitement, and peace! 

Baylie Huyett
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Baylie's Birthday Art Giveaway

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   B A Y L I E ! 

Baylie being the wonderful, generous person she is, wanted to give all of you a gift on HER birthday. Isn't she lovely? This little Stargazing piece is a part of a new series she's developing and holding closely to her heart. We hope as the winter season comes into full force and the days are jam packed, you take the time to yourself to enjoy the world around you! 

You know how it goes: Press down on the image, save it to your phone, set it as a lockscreen! And wish sweet Miss Baylie a very happy birthday! 

 Baylie's Birthday Art


Baylie Huyett
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August Art Giveaway

Ooooh those summer nights! Whether you're a fan of Grease or not, I think we can all agree that there is something truly magical about summer nights. Crystal clear skies, a cool breeze shifting the sun soaked air, it feels like these times can go on forever and sometimes we wish they could. Staying up way past our bedtime with good friends, laughing, reminiscing, bonding - or just taking a quiet moment to ourselves to absorb the beauty. August, you can be a little bittersweet. But here's to a wonderful, final month of summer, full of nights like these. 

You know the drill - Hold on the image, save it to your phone, use it as a lock screen or wallpaper, smile. 


August Art Giveaway

Baylie Huyett
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July Art Giveaway

Summer comes with a plethora of joys. One that makes us especially joyful is the sight of beautiful wildflowers lining mountain highways and springing up in flourishing fields. The natural splendor of these flowers on a warm, sunny day is like no other. With this lock screen download, we hope it reminds you to stop and smell the flowers during these gorgeous summer months. 


This art was originally created for a tattoo design. And now it can be yours too! 


Press down on the image, save it to your phone, set it as your lock screen, breathe easy. 


Baylie Huyett
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June Art Giveaway

Summer is here and that means a few things. 1) Our need to go play is increasing. 2) Time will start to fly by with events and adventures saturating our calendars. 3) For many of us - wedding weekends will become a recurring theme throughout the summer. 


This piece of art was created for a client's wedding a while back and we think it's just the perfect image for the start of summer. Try your darnedest to slow down, soak it up, and enjoy the splendor of love shared between friends and family. 

Press on the image, save it to your phone, use it as a wallpaper or whatever you fancy!  

Baylie Huyett
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May Art Giveaway

I don't know about you, but May seems to spark this adrenaline in me that struggles to be tamed. The air smells sweeter, fresher, and more exhilarating. It has tones of nostalgia, of softball games and nights stretching longer. It offers the promise of summer and the adventures to be had.


But before I let the adrenaline lead the way and floor it through summer, I remind myself that May is here and ought to be enjoyed too. Take a deep breath, smell that beautiful May air, watch the birds fly by, and prepare for one heck of a summer. 


Press on the image, save it to your phone, use it as a wallpaper or whatever you fancy! 
Baylie Huyett
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April Art Giveaway

We all know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. While it's easy to feel that April is pulling us slightly back into the abyss of winter (especially after a few unusually glorious days in March!), we have to remember that there is a reason for the rain. Soon enough we'll be basking in the beautiful blooms and ushering in the sweet sights of Spring. We can't have good days without bad days, we can't have growth and sprouts without some rain.


To keep those hopes up, here's a little lock screen download for you to have. Whenever the weather is bringing you down, you'll be a phone click away from that Springy reminder. 


Tap and hold on the photo, save it to your phone, set it as your lock screen, and enjoy! 


Baylie Huyett
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March Art Giveaway

An oldie but a goodie, from us to you.

To use as your phone's lock screen or wallpaper, just press and hold the image. When prompted, click to save image and then set as wallpaper.

Happy March! 


Baylie Huyett
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February Free Artwork Giveaway

 True story: this is one of the original pieces of artwork created and offered for sale when Red Umbrella was just an itty-bitty brand new business. Consider it a Valentine's gift from us to you - download the image below and use as a your phone lock screen or wallpaper! 

Baylie Huyett
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