Spreading Light in a Dark Time

Spreading Light in a Dark Time

Oh boy,

Tell me if this sounds anything like your inner dialogue lately: How long will this last? How will this affect my family? How am I supposed to get anything done while this is going on? Do I have the coronavirus?

But the most powerful question I heard all week...? A friend called and asked, "What are you feeling happy about?" 

It knocked me over. It was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Not because I want to ignore what's happening in the world, or pretend like everything is great, but because I believe in the power of hope and optimism.

Here's why:

Joy, hope, and optimism can help us process hard feelings like fear, despair, and anxiety. A sense of wellbeing - or at a minimum, a sense of resilience - can serve as a safe 'home base' from which we can deal with the bigger, harder emotions. The inverse is not so true.

So let's all commit to staying light, and showing up for one another as the best versions of ourselves.

To that effect, we want to know how we can show up for you. What do you need? What would kindle your light, bolster your strength, help get you through? We've created a super short survey with some of our ideas and plenty of room for yours. It would mean the world to us if you'd chime in.

Survey: How can we help?