Owner, Illustrator

Twisp, WA



Designer, Studio Operations

Seattle, WA 



Social Media, Studio Operations

Seattle, WA 


Red Umbrella Designs was founded in 2012 by illustrator and graphic designer Baylie Peplow. After graduating with a degree in architecture and then teaching in a Montessori classroom, Baylie now spends her time creating new designs, running the business, and raising up a little family with her husband in the Methow Valley, WA.

Lexie Hoffman is an illustrator, graphic designer, production & ordering whiz who not only can make anything look beautiful but could charm the socks off a snake and also bakes incredible bread and goodies.

Geena Pietromonaco is our marketing strategist, packaging champ, and the fearless leader of Red Umbrella's social media presence who is also a talented voice, film, and theater actress.

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